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Prof. Devorah Dimant (emeritus) - Editor

PictureDimantDevorah Dimant (prof. em.) was born in Israel and educated at the Hebrew university in Jerusalem, where she obtained her Ph.D. (1974) under the supervision of the late David Flusser.  She became a leading scholar in the field of the Dead Sea Scrolls and ancient Jewish literature, particularly 1 Enoch and related compositions. She edited several Qumran texts, among them of the official edition of two unknown pseudepigraphic  texts,  Pseudo-Ezekiel and the Apocryphon of Jeremiah C, both in the series of Discoveries in the Judaean Desert (vol. 30).  She published numerous articles on various aspects of biblical interpretation in the Dead Sea Scrolls, and contributed several ground-breaking classifications of the entire Qumran library.  With Moshe Bar-Asher she founded a Hebrew annual for the study of the scrolls (Meghillot). In addition she organized and directed research project involving  publications of rewritten Bible texts, and cooperated with Reinhard Kratz from Göttingen in a project about the interpretation of Genesis in the Qumran manuscripts. She taught for 30 years at the university of Haifa, Israel.

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Dr. Liora Goldman

Liora Goldman received her B.A (cum laude) in Jewish History and Archaeology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and holds a Teaching Diploma in Bible and History from the Kerem Institute (Jerusalem). She received her M.A (cum laude) in Jewish History from the University of Haifa, proceeding to specialize in Jewish Literature of Second Temple Period, including late biblical Books, Qumran studies, apocryphal and pseudepigraphal literature. She received Ph.D in 2008 (summa cum laude) from the University of Haifa, her dissertation being entitled “Bible Interpretation and Pesher Exegesis in the Damascus Document.”
 Under the sponsorship of an ISF Research Scholarship (2005-2008), Goldman produced a new edition of the Moses Apocryphon from Qumran (1Q29, 4Q375, 4Q376, 4Q408). Her postdoctoral research (2008-2012) focuses on the Aramaic Visions of Amram (4Q543-549) as part of a joint project between Göttingen and Haifa Universities funded by the DFG under the supervision of Prof. Kratz (Faculty of Theology, Georg-August-Universität) and Prof. Dimant (Department of Biblical Studies, University of Haifa), as well as on the patriarchs and Genesis in the non-sectarian scrolls from Qumran. Her current research focus lies on the figure of Moses in diverse corpora of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Past Editors

Prof. Jonathan Ben-Dov

Prof. Jonathan Ben-Dov, studies the Qumran scrolls and apocalyptic literature in their ancient contexts.
He was the youngest collaborator in the official publication of the scrolls in the DJD series,
co-authoring an edition of the calendrical scrolls with the late Prof. Shemaryahu Talmon.
He is currently working with a team of young scholars on editions of the scrolls written in cryptic A script,
and of the wisdom composition Musar Lemevin (4QInstruction).
Ben-Dov is co-director of the digitization project Scripta Qumranica Electronica,
and associate editor of the series Studies in the Texts from the Desert of Judah (Brill publishers).


Past Members