Hila Dayfanhila difnii is a PhD student at the department of Bible in Bar Ilan University. She wrote her M.A. thesis on “Transposing Job’s Responses to Eliphaz and Bildad in the First Cycle of Dialogues in the Book of Job”, under the supervision of Dr. Nili Samet. Her PhD Dissertation deals with “The Contribution of Variants Readings due to Graphic Similarity to Textual Criticism of the Hebrew Bible”, under the supervision of prof. Emanuel Tov and Dr. Nili Samet. In 2019 she joined the Scripta Qumranica Electronica project as a post-doctoral researcher.

Dayfani was a researcher in the project “Dating the Book of Proverbs on Linguistic Grounds”, directed by Dr. Nili Samet of the Bar Ilan University.

Her research interests include textual criticism of the Bible, paleography of the Hebrew script and its combination in textual criticism of the bible, wisdom literature and Qumran Scrolls.