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We grant free access to our unique fonts within fair use.
The fonts based on the handwriting of the writers of the scrolls and 
were designed for "Judean Desert Scrolls Research Project" 2016-2020.

We kindly ask you to add the fol­low­ing cre­d­it li­ne when us­ing each font:

"Courtesy of the Dead Sea Scrolls Project, University of Haifa; Design: Designer name". 

*Last update: December 2020

cryptic A script - Download

In any use please add the credit line – "courtesy of the Dead Sea Scrolls Project, University of Haifa; design: Nir Yenni. 

The font is intended for use on a Hebrew keyboard. Diacritic signs are written using the following combinations:

הֲ- Alt Gr + [ - A dot above the letter

נקודה ריקה מעל האות וֱ -  Alt Gr + ב - An empty dot above the letter

עיגול ריק (.) - נקודה (.) - Empty circle 

cryptic example

*Funded by the Israel Science Foundation, Grant 1330/14

Scripta Qumranica Electronica fonts

1QS - Community Scroll
Design: Einat Tamir
1QS example

1QM - War Scroll
Design: Einat Tamir
1QM example

11Q5 - Psalms Scroll
Design: Einat Tamir
11Q5 example

special in 11Q5
speicial keys: Shift + ;

4Q415 - Instruction a
Design: Einat Tamir
4Q415 example

4Q416 - Instruction b
Design: Eshbal Rtson and Einat Tamir
4Q416 example

4Q417 - Instruction c 

Design: Einat Tamir
4Q417 example

4Q418 - Instruction d
Design: Einat Tamir
4Q418 example

4Qinstuctions418a - Instruction e
Design: Einat Tamir
4Q418instructions example

2Q5 - paleo-Leviticus
Design: Antony Perrot
2Q5 example

4Q101 - paleo-Jobc
Design: Antony Perrot
4Q101 example

4Q503 - pap. Daily Prayers
Design: Antony Perrot
4Q503 example

4Q77 - Minor Prophets b
Design: Joshua M. Matson
4Q77 example

 Comparison Chart
Comparison chart