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Asaf Gayer

asafAsaf Gayer is a PhD candidate in the Department of Biblical Studies at the University of Haifa. His Thesis, written under the supervision of Dr. Jonathan Ben-Dov (University of Haifa), deals with the absorption of stoic ideas in the wisdom text ‘4QInstruction’ from Qumran.Asaf participates in the research project “A Re-edition of Cryptic Scrolls from Qumran: Enhanced Algorithmic Methods to the Aid of Textual Studies”. A joint collaboration of the University of Haifa,  Tel-Aviv University and École pratique des hautes études, Paris.  

Asaf’s MA thesis - "The Hymn of the Maskil in the Rule of the Community - A Study of Redaction, Form, Structure and Content in 1QS 9:25b – 11:15a" was written in the Department of Biblical Studies in the University of Haifa, under Dr. Jonathan Ben-Dov. The Work deals with the two concluding pages of Serekh Hayahad, combining a new literary analysis with recent theories about the redaction of the Serekh.