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Dr. Liora Goldman - Publications

“A Comparison of the Genizah Manuscripts A and B of the Damascus Document in Light of their Pesher Units,” Meghillot 4 (2006): 169-189 (Hebrew).
“The Law and the Prophets as Reflected in 4Q375,” Meghillot 6-7 (2007): 61-84 (Hebrew).
“The Exegesis and Structure of Pesharim in the Damascus Document,” in The Dynamics of Exegesis and Language at Qumran (ed. D. Dimant and R.G. Kratz; Forschungen zum Alten Testament 2/35; Tübingen: Mohr-Siebeck, 2009), 193-202.
“Dualism in the Visions of Amram,” Revue de Qumran 95 (2010): 421-432.
“The Laws regarding Permitted War in 4Q376,” Meghillot 8-9 (2010): 419-431 (Hebrew).
“The Moses Apocryphon from Qumran in Light of 1Q29,” Meghillot 10 (forthcoming) (Hebrew).
“The Visions of Amram: Copies, Content and Structure,” in Rewriting and Interpretation: The Patriarchs in Light of the Dead Sea Scrolls (BZAW; eds. D. Dimant and R. Kratz) (forthcoming).
“A New Edition of the Manuscripts of the Moses Apocryphon (1Q29, 4Q375, 4Q376, 4Q408),” in The Dead Sea Scrolls: Rewriting the Torah (eds. Devorah Dimant, Ariel Feldman and Liora Goldman) (forthcoming).

Books in preparation

“Those who Hold Fast the Commandments”: Biblical Exegesis in the Damascus Document (Hebrew)
A Patriarch from Qumran: A Monograph   on the Visions of Amram (4Q543- 549)