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Prof. Johnatan Ben-Dov - Selected publications


S. Talmon, J. Ben-Dov and U. Glessmer, Calendrical Texts. Qumran Cave 4 XVI (Discoveries in the Judaean Desert XXI; Oxford: Clarendon, 2001)
Head of All Years: Astronomy and Calendars at Qumran in their Ancient Context (Studies in the Texts from the Desert of Judah 78; Leiden: Brill, 2008). xx + 331pp;pid=25586
Reviewed by: Matthew Goff, Catholic Biblical Quarterly 72 (2010): 103-104.
Wayne Horowitz, John Steele, and Jonathan Ben-Dov (eds.), Living the Lunar Calendar (Calendars and Years III; Oxford: Oxbow, 2012).
Forthcoming: Jonathan Ben-Dov and Seth Sanders (eds.), Ancient Jewish Sciences and the History of Knowledge.



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J. Ben-Dov, “Writing as Oracle and as Law: New Contexts for the Book-Find of King Josiah,” Journal of Biblical Literature 127 (2008): 123-139.
J. Ben-Dov and S. Saulnier, “Qumran Calendars: A History of Research 1980-2007,” Currents in Biblical Research 7 (2008): 124-168.
J. Ben-Dov, “Hebrew and Aramaic Writing in the Pseudepigrapha and the Qumran Scrolls: The Ancient Near Eastern Background and the Quest for a Written Authority,” Tarbiz 78 (2009): 27-60 (Hebrew).
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J. Ben-Dov, “The Elohistic Psalter and Writing the Divine Name at Qumran,” Meghillot 8-9 (2010): 53-80 (Hebrew). English version: “*****”, in The Dead Sea Scrolls and Contemporary Culture: Proceedings of the Israel Museum Conference (STDJ 93; ed. A. Roitman, L. Schiffman, and S. Tzoref; Leiden: Brill, 2011), 79-104.
J. Ben-Dov, “Psalm 104:19, Ben-Sirah, and the History of Calendar Polemics in Ancient Israel,” Journal of Jewish Studies 62 (2011): 7-20.
J. Ben-Dov, “Science in Aramaic and in Hebrew at Qumran: Translation and Concealment,” in Aramaica Qumranica: Proceedings of the Conference on the Aramaic Texts from Qumran in Aix-en-Provence (ed. K. Berthollet and D. Stökl; STDJ 94; Leiden: Brill, 2010), 379-401.
J. Ben-Dov, “Some Precedents for the Religion of the Book: Josiah’s Book and Ancient Revelatory Literature,” in Constructs of Prophecy in the Former and Latter Prophets & Other Texts (ed. L.L. Grabbe and M. Nissinen; Ancient Near Eastern Monographs; Atlanta: SBL, 2011), 43-62.
J. Ben-Dov, “The Qumran Dial: Artifact, Text, and Context,” in Qumran und die Archäologie (ed. J. Frey, C. Claussen, and N. Kessler; WUNT 278; Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2011), 211-237.
ישור לתוכנית “תרבות יהודית בעולם העתיק”: